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40 years, 60 countries

After nearly four decades in the manufacture and distribution of CPAP devices, Sefam Medical has a presence in sixty countries around the globe. Our global headquarters for R&D and manufacturing are in Nancy, France.

Our history


SEFAM, a research and manufacturing company specialised in medical equipment (French: Société d’Etude et Fabrication d’Appareillage Medical), was founded in Nancy, France.


SEFAM develops the first Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device (CPAP) in Europe, a device designed to treat the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).


SEFAM is a leader on the European market for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing and a leader in the French market for home respiratory assistance equipment. This includes:

  • Different models of CPAP (fixed pressure, automatic devices , devices with two levels of pressure support)
  • Devices for diagnosing sleep disordered breathing (RESPISOMNOGRAPHE, Mini SOMNO)
  • Home ventilators
  • Oxygen therapy equipment.


The company joins the American company Puritan Bennett, a global leader in the manufacturing of respiratory equipment, opening the way to the American market.


Pierrick Haan, SEFAM founder, buys back the ‘sleep disordered breathing treatment’ business from American group Covidien.


SEFAM develops of a new range of products, DreamStar, in order to re-enter the market. This range receives the ‘Guaranteed Made in France’ label, certifying that the products are developed and manufactured in France, and guaranteeing extensive ‘savoir-faire’ expertise and associated quality.


SEFAM commercialises a lower cost CPAP device – the EcoStar. In addition, SEFAM launches the ‘SEFAM Connect’ technology, a tele-monitoring platform to remotely monitor patients using CPAP.


SEFAM launches the ‘InnovaTICs Dependence’ research and development project, supported by funding from Europe and the Lorraine region, aimed at the development of a range of connected home medical devices to monitor patients with chronic conditions.


SEFAM gets a second wind: it creates a scientific council consisting of French medical doctors, key opinion leaders that it can call upon to develop its innovation strategy. In parallel, it adopts a new brand identity, redefining its positioning as a French company towards more human healthcare and as a partner to doctors and home healthcare providers, dedicated to improving patients’ lives.


This new positioning is illustrated by the Starck CPAP device, a new hyperconnected positive pressure device, designed by creator Philippe Starck and developed in collaboration with SEFAM’s scientific advisers with the aim of providing personalised care to apnea patients.

Our philosophy

In an age of technology and Big Data, we affirm our original philosophy present at our funding: Be more personal, more human, more responsive, more flexible, more accessible, more understanding and more committed to our patients.

The Human Touch to Care

At Sefam, we believe that caring for patients is above all a matter of human skills and expertise, delivered through healthcare professionals. We are of the understanding that each patient is to be treated as an individual who needs to be given specific and personalised treatment via medical professionals. This is a position reinforced by both patient and doctor interviews we have conducted.

For these reasons, we believe that the role of a manufacturer is to provide both devices and data that support the doctor-patient interaction and in so doing facilitate better treatment outcomes.

Humanised Products Designed for People

We create medical devices that are reassuring, discrete, and less intimidating, with carefully developed ergonomic designs that are simple and intuitive to use.

Service with a Human Touch

We develop practical and easy-to-use tools to help patients interact with those who are treating them, sharing real-time information, providing motivation and confidence in pursuing treatment plans. New communication technologies and smart devices are creating new opportunities in this area.

Service with a human touch is also about technical support that is easily accessible and efficient for our users, our distributors, and healthcare providers.

Experience and values

We put this vision of medicine with a human touch into a reality through our experience and values:

Expertise: Proud of our history and our 30 years of experience, we put the weight of our expertise into the service of our patients. We are constantly looking to improve our solutions, to create even more effective and even more personalised cutting-edge technology.

Proximity: Because we believe that good health cannot be achieved without human interaction, we prefer to work in partnership with doctors who prescribe solutions and with distributors and home healthcare providers, who make these solutions available to their patients.

Feedback: We place a great deal of importance on feedback from our customers, doctors, distributors, and home healthcare providers. We believe that only through working together can we perfect our solutions to achieve our common goal: to improve the health of patients. This was the purpose of our Medical Advisory Board, created in 2016, to guide us so that our products and services are inspired by doctors and researchers.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We believe that an SME is more responsive, more accessible and more understanding. That’s why we foster our entrepreneurial spirit.

Quality: We have all the necessary quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 13485, FDA, etc.) demonstrating quality and safety of our devices.

More than ever, the solutions that we develop are intended to result in the best possible treatment outcomes, improving the quality of life of patients.

We believe the path to deliver these solutions is through medical doctors, healthcare professionals, and specialist distributors.


At Sefam, we believe that the medical industry should be driven by the human dimension.

We believe that ‘machines’ don’t mean anything without the people prescribing them and the people analysing their effects.

We believe that connectivity means a lot more than just technology and data – it cannot succeed without the human factor. It connects people to each other, because only be working together can we truly serve the needs of our patients.

Our technology is inspired by people, because only be listening will our solutions be at their best.

More precise. More adapted. More accessible. More human.

Sefam – the human touch to care.

Our products

Sefam Medical offers a range of CPAP machines, led by the flagship Starck device. Combining cutting edge sleep technology with a sleek exterior, the Starck delivers a less intrusive CPAP machine that blends seamlessly with users’ home environment.