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What is a CPAP device?

The term ‘CPAP’ refers to ‘continuous positive air pressure’. In its simplest form, a CPAP device blows air into the user’s airway to restore normal breathing and sleep patterns during the night, using a nasal or a full face mask which is connected via a tube to the device.


Primary functions

CPAP devices are usually prescribed in response to a diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), with the healthcare provider playing a key role in patient adherence to therapy and education about the treatment, as well as ongoing monitoring.

As of the first night of treatment using a CPAP device, apneas and hypopneas disappear, leading to improved quality of sleep and gradually eliminating OSA-related difficulties in the patient’s daily life.


CPAP machines are often sold independently of masks, allowing the user to choose a mask format and specific style or brand that suits their tastes. Masks can be either full face, nasal pillows, or the less popular nasal mask.

Full Face

Nasal Pillow

Nasal Mask

Our flagship

Sefam Medical offers a range of CPAP machines, led by the flagship Starck device designed by French industrial design icon Philippe Starck. Combining cutting edge sleep technology with a sleek exterior, the Starck device delivers a less intrusive CPAP machine that blends seamlessly with users’ home environment.