Sleep. Beautifully.

When form meets function

Beyond the advanced algorithm, whisper quiet operation, and connected device integrations lies a machine like no other. Introducing the Starck CPAP device, by Philippe Starck.

European design.
European manufacture.

The Starck device combines cutting edge sleep technology with a sleek exterior. The result is a less intrusive device, one that delivers absolute efficacy for the user whilst blending seamlessly with their home environment.

Form meets function. Power meets simplicity. Sleep meets Starck.


As with most CPAP machines, the Starck CPAP device is sold independently of the mask, allowing the user to choose a mask format and specific style or brand that suits their tastes. Masks can be either full face, nasal pillows, or the less popular nasal mask.


Minimalist Design


Bluetooth Connectivity


Simplified Digital Display


Intuitive On-Screen Controls


Motion-Sensing Touch Screen


Compact Size

Absolute efficacy

The Starck CPAP device’s advanced algorithm treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea with clinical efficacy using continuous automatic adjustment. The right amount of air for you, delivered at the right time, for a far better – and safer – night’s sleep.

Optimal comfort

Patented Sefam humidification technology ensures the optimal level of humidification for you. Then, the heated hose adjusts the air temperature to maximise your breathing comfort. And it does it all with whisper quiet efficiency.

Perfect clarity

The simple, user-friendly digital display can be activated by touch or remotely, using the Sefam Access Lite App from your mobile device. All details are available at a glance, accessed via an intuitive interface to keep you informed.

A more complete health picture

Our flagship Starck CPAP device is able to operate on fully automatic mode for those users seeking ultimate simplicity.

For those who desire more control and connectivity, Bluetooth capability and the Sefam Lite Access app allow connection with a range of other devices for a more complete health picture.




IHEALTH Blood pressure MONITOR

Download the App

to access your key sleep information and connect associated iHealth devices for a complete health picture

Sefam Software

SEFAM Connect

Reserved for healthcare professionals, SEFAM Connect is a simple and intuitive application for patient follow-up, guaranteeing security and data confidentiality.

SEFAM Connect is a complete solution for healthcare providers that allows:

  • The monitoring of the machines park
  • The transmission of compliance data
  • Rapid access to processing information via simple tables and graphs
  • The synthesis of the main processing parameters
  • Alert programming
  • Remote access to machine settings.

SEFAM Analyze

SEFAM Analyze is the data management software associated with S.Box and reserved for healthcare professionals. Its main functions are:

  • Recovery of compliance data
  • Visualization and analysis of all data including some in high definition such as flow rate or SPO2 from an external oximeter
  • The edition of a configurable observance report
  • Sending data to the SEFAM Connect platform via the Up to Cloud function
  • The configuration of the Starck CPAP device settings
  • The pre-programming of several sessions with different parameters during the titration period.

Service & Warranty